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Around Town/ El Segundo

Saturday, February 17, 2018
There is a place tucked away in Los Angeles it is surrounded by industry keeping it hidden
This is El Segundo
development/Hasselblad 500elm medium format

portra4mamiya (15)
Richmond/Mamiya RB67 medium format

portra4mamiya (12)
oil jack/Maryland/ Mamiya RB67

portra4mamiya (10)
Ivy wall/ Mamiya RB67

Pacific situation
mid morning cup/ Hasselblad 500elm

I see you leave/ Hasselblad500elm

El Segundo
electric avenue/ Mamiya RB67

Stranger Cat
Cat walk N.west ES/ Hasselblad 500elm

drive thru/ Hasselblad 500elm

El Segundo
Grand Avenue/ Mamiya Rb67

El Segundo
Water/ Mamiya RB67

million dollar view
million dollar view/ Minolta XE-7

Minolta Hi-matic
37/ Minolta Hi-Matic

Minolta Hi-matic El Segundo
Minolta Hi-matic


Sunday, December 31, 2017
For a few years I have been talking about shooting in the water so initially I was super motivated to get a water housing for my Nikon but since the purchase of our van among other things I have put that one the back burner because of cost.
 I have been shooting lots of film and a Nikonos was on the top of my list if I purchased a new (to me) camera. I have probably bid and lost a dozen or more nikonos over the last few years I am obviously no good at bidding. So, I picked a local seller and purchased one refurbished, pressure tested, O rings replaced the works. Which was probably the best decision I could have made with salt corrosion or not a water tight body you can completely kill it this camera.
 I have shot 3 rolls in this camera and I am hooked. I am still learning positioning which is not easy especially with a fixed 35mm lens. Just as everything else I am hoping for progress a little more focus on lighting and framing. So far here are a few shots......  
kodak 400tx

nikonos V

Nikonos V

nikonos V

Nikonos V
Nikonos V