Sunday, May 3, 2009
Taking pictures...something that has been part of my life. My mom gave me my first camera when I was 13 it was a Minolta that she had purchased when she was still with my father. I found a receipt in the mold smelling camera bag that was dated in 1980. All my baby pictures were taken with it so that camera was extra special to me. I used it through high school photography and one or two photo classes in college. About a year ago it finally died in a very interesting way and makes a good story….

John, the kids and I went up to PV to visit his father they have a horse club down the road from their house. John’s youngest sister works there. We all wanted to get the boys to take a ride but they were too scared which I understood. I didn't want to pressure them so I volunteered myself to go first so they could see that it was safe.

The horse was very beautiful, older, and more mellow then the younger horses they had. I handed over Marley to John and set my bag on a bench took a deep breath and didn't realize I was slightly nervous about getting on this large animal as well. In a single adjustment on the saddle I instantly was aware that this old friendly horse was not so mellow anymore. The horse was moving around rigidly trying to figure out what just crawled up on his back. The agitating was not throwing me off and I was so frightened the only thing I could think of was hold on. He finally had enough and lost it falling to the floor. It happened so quick all I remember was that as soon as the ground was close enough I would jump down. So before I could freak out for what was happening I jump down and ran away as fast as I could until I was next to John and Marley. I didn't want to see what was happening to the poor old horse but a spark in John’s eyes caught my attention as he stared at me in total fear a look I have never seen in his face since that day. Before he could open his mouth it had already clicked the boys! We both snapped our heads back to the scary seen of dust and a horse rolling around to see both of the boys wide eyed in the bed of the truck we drove down to the stables.

Safe they were safe...and when the horse was finally calmed down by his owner the first thing on our minds was fill in the void between us and the boys and make sure they were not hurt. 2. To make sure everyone else including me was not hurt and  3. The poor horse. Everybody was fine just shaken up and the horses owner was calming him down while he lay on the ground. I suddenly had this layer of guilt that I still haven't been able to overcome completely. What did I do wrong? Was the weight of me the last straw? We never figured it out but I assure you it took a blow to my self-image.

The dust settled and the horse was back on his feet walking it off. He had a couple of scrapes that matched a few that I acquired from jumping off of him. We decided it was a good time to make the trip back up to the house we had enough with horses for a long time I went to find my bag and discovered the whole bench was kicked over and my bag was 5FT away on the ground and both of my cameras another couple feet away from my bag in the dirt. The first one I picked up was my newer Nikon d70 dusted it of turned it on snapped a picture or two...everything worked fine a big sigh of relief until I eye the Minolta. It wasn't so lucky it took a big blow to the body crunching it so bad the film door would not close. I wanted to cry right there but took a deep breath and composed myself. It was Finally gone I remembered all the trips I had taken to the camera store to get it refurbished and them telling me it was not worth the money. Junk that’s what it was now crumpled up in my hands. All the memories this camera took in 28 years of its life.

I needed to tell this story before I forgot it’s not all bad though my Nikon d70 has brought photography to a whole new level for me and turning digital has been a fun process. I have been taking more pictures than ever making new memories for my children. And maybe one day soon I will pass down my d70 to my kids for them to enjoy.

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