We Miss John

Friday, May 22, 2009
Two more days till John comes home I miss him so much...I don't like to sleep on my own and the house is different without him. With all the earthquakes we have been dealing with it makes it just that much harder. I am having to calm down the boys and Marley but no ones there to calm me down luckily the two earthquakes were only..4.6...and 4.1 but still it shakes you up. Especially how close we are to the epicenter it makes them so strong and rough. Micah and Tyler have been sleeping together on the bottom bunk of there bunk beds. I told them it would be safer and they comfort each other which is a good thing. Marley she has no idea what is going on she is to young to really try to explain and with her having a 104.4 ...105 temperature last Friday, the hospital stay with IVs, tests, medicines loss of appetite and her daddy gone has been a real test of patience for me. She has been latched on to me crying/whining for the past 7 days. I am needing some Vania time after this!

Marley is doing OK she just had a stomach bug nothing serious..her body was just trying to get rid of whatever it was with the high temperature.

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