Marleys Day

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Tuesday June 23rd was Marley's birthday. I really am starting to like when the kids have birthdays during the week. And the reason being that Tuesday it was just Marley's dad, Marley's brothers and myself celebrating her day. Of course we are going to have a birthday party for her this Sunday for the rest of our family and friends but Tuesday was our special day for us The Zask family.
John and I took the kids to Griffith Park I have been wanting to come check it out for awhile. Marley loves trains right now so it was perfect to take her to the little train ride they have. We all went on the train ride together then Micah and Tyler took a ride on some horses. Which is such a great thing because if you have read the Minolta blog you would understand them being hesitant to get back on a horse. But the both did it and had fun. I really think its a big step forward into doing it more often I really think they would love riding. Marley also got on a pony and loved it. She kept saying "I ride horses" and "my horse" it was so cute. I was having such a great time watching with John. I really love days like those and we need more family fun days like it.

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