Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Having fun with inspirational words...


Anonymous said...

Hi !! Tell me more about HOPErevo. I really like your blog. I am not a computer person , but found my way to your blog through a friend's "Blogs I Follow" link. I am the one that responded to a recent post you made that said "Self." " Own your inner beauty , your outer beauty has no apologies to make!"

Tell me more about HOPErevo please. Does it stand for

V.DUB said...

yes it does stand for hope revolution there is a site you can check there little hopenotes you make and leave in places where people can find them and hopefully make there day better. Sometims when we are so you busy with the craziness in our life and things around us. We forget to stop and breath it all in and find the postitive and beautiful that could be staring us in the face.