Soles from the past

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Today I was doing some last minute decorating for this wonderful Fall season. I try to keep decorations so I am not buying stuff every year. I was searching through some old boxes and came across some old school work and there they were. My tap shoes from Kitty College a preschool I went to in Saugus, CA. I came across them one other time when we first moved to Smith River I was 12. My mom was trying to convince me to get rid of them because the box we found them in a rat got into and eat up the right shoe. I refused I was so drawn to these old shoes a part of my past where I felt something special. So I packed them up and that was that I didn't know what I was going to do them and I just put them out of sight and mind.
Until today when I found them again but this time I have someone special to share them with. I showed them to Marley and her face lit up right away she put them on and even with the strap missing on the right shoe it didn't matter. I made hers and my day there was a purpose for them all along. I didn't know it until now but that two minutes I shared with my daughter was a moment in my life where my memories from my past and memories I share with her from the present meet it was truly blissful.


Miss K.P.-Ness said...

Super cool shots Vania- Super cool writing. No wonder why I think you are super cool.

Anonymous said...

love the latest entry! AS I said Your inner beauty shines and your outer beauty has no apologies to make! Great photos of your "Little tapper" too!

Also like the photo of you and your old camera, you rock.

I send thoughts of happiness and love to you and your husband the kids and all the people that love you!!


V.DUB said...

Much thanks