Car Show

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
This weekend I took Marley to the car show they had in town. We had a blast there where some amazing cars I wish were in my driveway. I took some really great photos of Marley and her friends running wild on main street. I really had to stop and appreciate where I live and how lucky we are to have so many fun things to do in our little town.

I am in love with this reflection shot of Mars its in my favorite top 5 If I only had a wide angle to get more of her in the frame it would have been cool but I still LOVE this one.

Ruby doesn't really like me to take pictures of her but I manage to get this one.
Every where she goes she manages to get free stuff from people.

This was the moment where I had to stop how couldn't I? It was staring me in the face the one thing that is hard and I think hard for all photo moms is to stop taking picture of the moment and be in the moment.Enjoy.

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