4th Street

Sunday, August 15, 2010
 Pam and I went to the sidewalk sale on retro row all the shops have there sales racks out full of cute vintage finds. So at one of these vintage shops they have this massive mound of clothes 12 ft wide and at least 9ft tall outside in the back of there store. Its insane its easy to just be in awe of the mountain of clothes oozing full of vintage. My first thought was this is where vintage clothes go to die. This is the reason why goodwill doesn't have much fun findings. Kind of a bummer and I am on the fence with all of the numerous people selling online vintage clothes with a 100% markup. But I guess everyone has to make a living. I love going to salvation Army, Goodwill etc..for the hunt I feel its a skill to find gems throughout there racks. But this was a pile of all those gems in one place overwhelming but awesome
   So Pam and I are staring at vintage clothes mountain, we take a deep breath and went for it climbing to the top searching through the knits and polyester for something special. I found 2 flannels for Marley both a dollar each some really cute old school Levi corduroys for Tyler only $5 and a few retro shirts for Micah. I even found a cute little off white blouse for $1.00 and I think its my new favorite shirt. Pam didn't find anything for her but found a old perfectly worn in hoodie for Marley. Its was a fun day for us I am going to miss Pam so much when she moves away next week.
Pam always with a smile and 2 happy hunters on the top of the mountain.

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Noting the Morning Dew said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds so cool! I cannot wait to go :D