"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Today I received my (request for service) in the mail for a neurosurgeon I have a choice to go to UCLA Neurosurgery or USC Neurosurgery I have no idea which one to pick. The UCLA website visually looks good but just because I like their website doesn’t really mean anything.

Dr. Young who is my primary physician has been John’s mother’s doctor for over 15 years and I when I talked to her earlier she had suggested asking him if he is familiar with any doctors. I think getting his opinion is probably a good start instead of blindly picking just anyone especially knowing that brain surgery is my likely outcome. I tried to get a hold of my doctor today but I was 14 minutes to late and have to wait till tomorrow to talk to him.

It’s been such a waiting game it is starting to make me impatient I just want to know EXACTLY what this mass in my brain is. I want a clear diagnosis I know it’s now leaning toward the RCC but it is still up in the air so the sooner I get an appointment with a neurosurgeon I will finally have some clear answers.

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