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Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Yesterday was a somewhat hectic day I had been emailing and text messaging a photographer on craigslist for a Nikon D90 he had for sale. It was a really decent deal so I went for it and now have a nice camera to add to my arsenal.
 I also talked to my endocrinologist about the test results to my MRI I had done earlier this week. The previous diagnosis I had earlier this month was that I may have a pituitary adenoma. So they checked out the pictures of my brain and found something in there but it wasn’t what we were expecting. So instead of having a pituitary tumor they now think I have a Rathke's Cleft Cyst. (Sigh) There not sure so they want me to go see a neurosurgeon to take a better look. It’s about 4x9x12mm so the 12mm area is about 1.2cm big. I guess it occurs when the Rathke's pouch in your brain doesn’t properly develop. This diagnosis better fits my symptoms of galatorrhea (pituitary dysfunction), headaches and my missing periods. The one thing that is concerning is the visual disturbances which is the most common symptom. My nurse should be calling me next week to set up a visual field study and I am very interested on the results I am going to have. It’s so ironic that I want my photography to be more than just a hobby now that I am getting all this medical information about myself. I am fine I am much happier that I am one step closer to knowing what is wrong with me. And so thankful I have medical insurance.


Sarah said...

Hi Vania,
I had no idea that you were having any problems at all! I am so sorry that I have not been in contact with you more often. From what I learned about RCC, the chances of the cyst being removed are really good, like and 85-90% success rate with no side effects. Please know that although I am all the way in Texas I will be there in a heartbeat to help out with the kids or whatever else it is you may need. I love you so much girl!!! Take care, and thank you for posting this!!!! Give the kids my love!

V.DUB said...

Sarah I love ya! Thanks so much for the offer and the stats to because what I have read so far was that removing it could cause damage to the surrounding brain and bleeding so they usually try to just drain it, do a biopsy and keep a close eye on it but that’s just what I have read. I will have a nice long list for the neurologist to answer for sure. I didn’t want to say anything to anybody until I had some real answers and results just because it was a lot of (I might haves) in the beginning.

barbara said...

{{{vania}}} i will be calling you soon.