Are those generic?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
             November 8th
    I bought my prescription at target the other day it cost me $117.00. There were 5 people behind me in line at the pharmacy and I was completely in shock. I don't think I have ever spent that much money on something so small. I asked the technician to go check if they were generic I could feel the people switching there leans and taking deep breaths. So I did what I think an extroverted person would do I turned to them apologize and said "they want me to pay $117 bucks for four pills I just want to make sure its right."

           November 22nd
    I just took the 3rd dose last night and so far I sleep well but I am getting some side effect when I wake up I feel like I don't want to open my eyes because its to bright. My eyes feel like they have been beat up also the front of my head is got that same pain like a migraine. Or when you go down to Cabo and take a tequila shot then they shake your head well like that but no good buzz just pressure built in my head. yesterday I woke up like that and was hating life so I called the pharmacist to ask if I can take some Ibuprofen. On the side of the bottle it read DO NOT TAKE OTHER MEDICINES WITHOUT CHECKING WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR PHARMACIST. Luckily I am in the clear I can Ibuprofen it up thank goodness because if this is going to be a daily thing I think I will crack and opt for surgery.

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