Monday, December 20, 2010
   Some blood test results came back last Wednesday. My Doctor was not to happy with the results my prolactin levels are still to high. My prolactin levels were originally 80.5 , three months ago and now are 76. so not to much of a difference with the medicine so unfortunately I will have to take .5 CABERGOLINE twice a week again instead of once a week. A little frustrated only because the last time I was taking that dose I was having severe migraines everyday. But if I want to get better I guess that's what I have to endure.
          When talked to the doctor last I explained my frustrations on taking this medicine and how feel discouraged on the treatment plan. I just want to be done with all of this and surgery to remove the tumor in my brain sounds better right now. I do not like to take pills and the chance that they might not even work is discouraging. One of the side effects is an excessive urge to gamble well I think that's exactly what I am doing every time I take one!


barbara said...

i'm sorry about the bad news Vania but feel confident that it will improve soon. i think the better option is always going to be not surgery unless options are exhausted - it sounds like your doctor is following that conservative path. i hope you don't get the migraines! relax, you!

Rachel Bonnegrace said...

Too bad I moved out of Vegas, you would have come to visit me more often with a new found love of gambling haha. But all fun aside sorry to hear about the discouraging news, I'll have to give you a call to chat about stuff. Love you sweets

Pam said...

Sorry V. I say just get the surgery.