Tea Cup Madness

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
I have been collecting vintage teacups literally piece by piece every time I stop by goodwill or salvation army I try to find one for my collection I have also been given several from friends, my grandmother Judi and sisters when they come across them. So what am I collecting for? These are going to be wedding favors for all our guests for our wedding in August. I have about 31 teacups and 29 saucers so far. I think we are expecting maybe around the 100 mark but 10-20 of that number may be children. They will be receiving kid friendly gifts as for everyone else it will be a teacup with either a candle inside or some sort of filler like candy. I really love the idea of melting a candle in them but the only thing is that so many of these lovely delicate teacups have beautiful ornate flower decor in the inside of them it would be a shame to cover them.
I almost axed the idea several months ago just because its overwhelming to even think of the number of teacups I need to come up with but recently Rachel emailed me a mock table setting of how I pictured the wedding and the teacups just look so lovely and really made the whole Vintage style come alive. There also will be a vintage tablecloth overlay on every table and vintage napkins. Most of the tablecloths are actual pieces of family history some coming from Italy from my fathers side and some from Chile from my mothers side some are over 50+ years old. 

Photos by VFP 

Source: Nollie Photography

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I am so excited to see how it all comes together. Keep in mind John and I are pretty broke but I am hoping I can achieve that DIY/fancy photographers dream style with our budget. All the tables are obviously not going to be matching and thats so me anyways. I feel confident with keeping the base colors Green with pops of pale color but mostly green so our flower cost can stay resonable. I figured that using lots of green filler will make it feel full of flowers without the large price tag.

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