Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Marley is 3 and will not eat anything that looks healthy which really makes it hard to cook for her Micah and Tyler do better but still dread the vegetables and save them for last and pull the I'm full card at dinner time. I had been talking to my sister Carina about this book Deceptively Delicious. If you do not know about it basically you puree fruits and vegetables and sneak it into recipes.
Carina sent me down a copy for my birthday I have been so excited to try it so this past Sunday I went on a puree'athon. I tried my first two recipes last night I made macaroni and cheese for the boys and snuck in a 1/2 cup of butternut squash. It tasted really good it gave it a sweeter taste and it seemed the boys enjoyed it also. I also made breaded chicken and added 1/2 cup of sweet potato to it ( I dipped it into eggs and sweet potato batter and then the bread crumbs). Marley couldn't have the mac and cheese because of her dairy allergies but she did get some chicken and enjoyed it (muhaha). Tonight I am going to give her two different sides with vegetables in them so I guess I will see if it works for the second time.
I really love the book I am motivated to change the way I prepare foods at my house not only because its healthier but also I need to teach the kids healthier options. I think my mom cooked great meals but didn't really teach us about portions.(sorry mom I love you) I think that change for a better life begins with a healthier diet and exercise. I know for myself when I eat good and exercise I have more energy and generally feel better about myself but the hard part for me is to keep consistency. Luckily I have my kids as a major driving force I just need to remind myself that I don't want my kids to have health problems and worry about there weight for the rest of there lives.

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Nel said...

You've been doing great! Keep it up sis.