For me

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
For me
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John impulse bought this board for me it is my first epoxy. I like floaty wide boards and this looks like this is going to be one. it has this "s-rail" which is this curve closer to the tail John says it will turn better than my other fish. That is what I have been hoping for in a new board I want to make sharper turns. I am taking Marley to school in a hour and crossing my finger that there are some waves I put a new tail patch and John waxed it for me :) he loves me. The funny thing is I just re waxed two of his boards for him last week. I wax your board you wax mine it kind of this little ritual when we get a new board we all pitch in and help wax it. Marley helped to she waxed it all the way to the nose haha!

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