Garage Sale Find

Saturday, February 12, 2011
Garage Sale Find
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It seams I buy a new coffee machine every other year so I decided to upgrade to a older model it seems I have better luck with older things lasting longer. I feel strongly that they make things to break in about 6 months so you go out and consume more.
So I have been using my old new coffee maker all week. First of all my coffee taste better it takes longer to brew than my other maker but I was using the same measuring for my 8 cup maker and it still was not that strong.I am a Starbucks bold girl I like my coffee with rich flavor. The same measurement in my gen electric and my coffee was darker and flavor is more full. The clock works and the timer does to. It has a hot plate to keep the coffee warm and If I do not turn it off the coffee stays HOT! An actual warmer that actually keeps your coffee warm..whhaaa!

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