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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Saturday Feb 26th:
    Was pretty great I went to Michaels and bought my wedding invitations they were $39.99 but I had a coupon from the newspaper for 40% off so I ended up get $16.00 dollars off. They only had one 30 count of invitation that were in the style I liked so I asked one of the sales lady if she could help me track another pack down from a different store. She was really friendly and checked for me she found one on the other side of town in Torrance so I told her to have them hold it for me and I would drive out that way. The line at Michaels was tretcherus but the lady offered to let me pay for it with her so I didn't have to wait in line and keep my coupon so I can use it at the other store so I basically save $32.00 dollars so the second box was almost free! I am sure I will blog about how it was to actually was to print them out they are the print them out yourself type. Hopefully its not to bad I am terrible at following direction and I tend to use directions as guidelines or examples them step by step instructions. I know thats not a good choice when it comes to these types of things but maybe it will be a good story ha ha.
Same Day:.
     I stop by the salvation army next door they were having a 50% off sale. I found teacups and saucers long story short I made out like a bandit 14 teacups and saucers for 12 dollars I was elated.That brings me up to the 60 count mark on teacups. I lost count again but I am going to pull them out and wash them soon anyways. If I am ever going to get candles in them I probably need to start doing them maybe a dozen at a time at the end of this month if not sooner.
Sunday Feb 28th:
   Mary and I went to Macy's to look at bridesmaid dresses. PW sent me a picture of one through her phone it caught my attention so I pounced. I looked it up online the night before and it was on sale for $37.99 for some reason when Mary and I found it at Macy's it was still regular price $54.00 which is still a great price for a dress. Especially since the last time I went shopping with Mary I bought a $170.00 Anthropologie dress. Which I am in love with and want to wear everyday.
  Mary used her smooth talking skills to the sales lady who was so so nice. She was able to match the online price and it was also the last day where you can get an additional 25% off if you spend over $100.00. It was a sign I had to get them all today. Mary and I went back to the fittings rooms and tried on all the sizes together and made educated guesses for all the girls size. I bought them all and ended up spending $125.00 for all four dresses I was so stoked. Now I hope I have no problems with size luckily everyone has a Macy's near them so there going to try the dress on to make sure they fit.
They have pale pink tulle with a cream lace overlay I just love them and they goe with my vintage theme. PW is going to attempt to make belt/sash for them I am excited to see they come out I am sure they will be awesome.

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