Friday, March 18, 2011
The past three days I have been at the hospital for my grandfather my grandmother and "the kids" my mother, Ximena, and Manolo made the extremely tough decision to take him off all life support machines. Its hard to watch something so terrible but family needs to bind together in tough times like this. For my Abuelita we need to be strong. Yesterday was a better day at the hospital Danielle and I expressed our concerns about a lot of ins and outs by not so close family/friends and she took care of it. I remember saying before I left the room how this was more like it. Very light music playing Tata's favorite a slideshow running of the grandchildren calm and peacefulness in the room and the afternoon sun shinning through the blinds. I felt relief when I went home I didn't have a sleepless night like the past 2 nights I went right to sleep.

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