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Sunday, April 10, 2011
These past few week have felt non stop for me I cant seem to  have any free time. I know as soon as things slow down I will be bored and wish things would pick back up again. Next week all the kids are out of school for spring break. Thats going to be a little nuts but I am hoping to gather up some projects for them to do with Marley. Hopefully after next week I can get back into the swing of things.
Do have some good news a friend John and I surf with is a surfboard shaper and is making John and myself a board. I am to excited I have never had a board shaped for me. I basically going to let him shape whatever he thinks I would love Its his craft and I know that if I let him have creative control over the project that it will work well. The only thing I asked was for it to be 6'2 he did have some concepts and going to make it specifically good for MB Piers mutant waves. Since thats where we surf the most. I am to excited I grabbed my camera and took a few shots before we left mostly of Marley rolling around in the foam dust.

This shop is in my town and it is so amazing Classic cars and amazing longboards. I could hang out there all day taking pictures. We go back to see the progress so I will get to see my blank all shaped out for me its pretty exciting to be part of the process.

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