Tuesday, May 17, 2011
                I got most of my results yesterday I am still waiting on one or two blood test though. My prolactin levels are down they are now at 37 last time we checked they were at 73 in December.. weird 73-37. Normal range of prolactin levels are about 5-20 so almost in normal range but still high my doctor was not totally thrilled and not ready celebrate just yet. We still do not really know what type of tumor I have? The Only way to really find that out is through MRI. One that slices my brain in smaller pieces so the imaging of the tumor comes out better. The last MRI I got at Torrance I guess was fairly basic and was not detailed enough. Yes it showed that I have a tumor but I guess not good enough. I need to go back to UCLA for that one its an hour + MRI. One test showed that I do not have a hormone producing tumor so I can cross that off the list.

             So for now instead of two half pills a week I will be up the dose to 3 halves till September when I get my blood test again. Between now and then I need to get that MRI. Unfortunately I have extremely shitty PPO insurance and 20-30% of cost is out of pocket. So for instance that basic MRI at Torrance was over $6,500+ I end up having to pay $1,500+ That was a 20 minutes MRI. I am scared to even ask how much this next one will cost. So here I am again with dilemma go get in more medical debt or wait it out awhile. I am trying to make a wedding happen in a few months and pay all our home/business bills raise 3 kids and be emotionally there for my family. I feel I am treading quick sand slowly sinking the harder I struggle.

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Rachel B said...

thats alot to deal with. Just let me know if I can help with anything