wedding fluff

Friday, May 27, 2011
I have 2 months to get a wedding to happen!
I decided to go through all the vintage linens I have collected its actually pretty cool to lay everything out on the table especially if you like old things. I made some mock tables counted napkins and photograph what I envisioned it looking like the day of here are some photos,

I love this just a pile of vintage things <3

its nice to see how its going to come out hopefully with more flowers I just cut those for the shoot

this was the child's table which I think is my favorite idea play tea set lollipops and crayons!

nevermind all the wrinkles they will be all pressed out


Rachel B said...

2 months is plenty of time :) I'm excited to help with decorating and table settings.

Isaidgooddaysir said...

me too!