Thursday, June 16, 2011
The date is getting closer and closer and most days I find myself really trying to not talk about the wedding it has consumed me and I am already tired. I really have not thought the whole process through until recently and realized that I am going to be standing in front of a whole bunch of people and being watched the rest of the night. I had a moment of panic about this which is weird to me since my whole life I died my hair bright rainbow colors sang with a band basically all things that draw attention to yourself. These days I am cool with my more reclusive self I find that you get in less trouble/drama that way. So on my wedding day I must make sure to NOT pick my nose or touch my face, rub my eyes and smear all my makeup. Try not to spill anything or look like I am tired and brush my hair more than once on that day. Oh yeah and dance!


Rachel B said...

aww yay! If you ever need to talk about wedding stuff Im always here. Because I know the men dont care to hear about it, especially the stressful parts.
Trust me that once your past walking up the isle your nerves will go away, up to that point you will be a bucket of tears (happy ones) and nerves. Make sure you have all waterproof makeup and alot of hairspray..oh and dont stand around people drinking red wine...I learned that one from experience ;)

V.DUB said...

haha oh yes I remember and you were such a lady about it!
Thanks Rachel I love you