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Saturday, September 17, 2011
1 week till my MRI I have been avoiding this visit because I know it was going to be expensive. Yes that is how I think I grew up with no medical insurance so we didn't make it to the doctor unless we were literally bleeding from the skull. If my mom could poor hydrogen peroxide on it or give us that nasty cherry flavored Robitussin there was no need. John is the complete opposite when I first started living with the kids I was certain they were trying the hardest possible to get a pair of crutches since that is the cool thing to have in fourth grade. They got what they wished for and could not skateboard or ride there bike until they got better when they realize how boring it really was they were healed like some miracle you see on Sunday morning television service.
So I think that John and I kind of meet in the middle of this dialectic and go when its necessary. But as far as myself I apparently dont apply to this standard. John reminded me today that next Friday is the day and the first thing I say is can we afford it? He looks at me funny and he says to me "hmm let me think you have a BRAIN TUMOR yes we can. Ok then I will make the trek to UCLA medical center off of Wilshire Blvd. pay $15.00 to park in there structure and pay $777.98 because I have not met my deductible. I honestly have been excited about this MRI not my head being taped down and stuck in a tube for an hour part but the pictures. I Always looking forward to seeing my brain split up in layers all those pieces make up me.
I enjoy learning visually I cant stand following directions sewing patterns cooking instructions..etc I would rather watch someone do it and then figure it out myself it sounds silly but I enjoy working that way. I think that's why I enjoy photography so much I have my own way of taking pictures that works for me.
It would be a tragedy if my eye site would slowly be effected from the tumor growing up to my optical nerves. I would rather give up any limb on my body before them but from what the doctor told me last time we talked my tumor is nowhere near those nerves yet. But it has been a year I have been taking this medicine and I really want to know what the measurement of MR. Tumor is. So soon ....
Have a great weekend everyone.

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Insa said...

Like life We can not guess from one day to the next just ride the ride with a smile and soon enough is all in the past. What you fear the most is fear itself.You conquer to be here in this world to give us joy with your presence.Think how much larger is life.All WILL BE WELL FRIDAY.
Love mom