Friday, October 7, 2011
Things have been normal here what is normal? Well running around with my head cut off  life how we know it here in the 310. I have this pet peeve of instant annoyance when people say they have been so busy. I think that everyone is busy with there life and when you tell someone that you have been so busy its basically dismissing that maybe perhaps they have been busy as well. Does that make sense?
So anyways I have a few post coming up that I will someday get to.. I have been working on some really cute upcycled skirts lately and in the next few weeks I plan to reopen my etsy shop. My brain tumor appointment is coming up on the 18 that should be interesting. Also Marley is in love with all things Pippi Longstocking so I will be hand making a costume for her this year. 
Check back soon take care...V

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Insa said...

Hi Marley this is your grammy, I love pipi Longstocking too,I hope mama make you an outfit just like her,Love you, Micah,Tyler,mommy and daddy too.
see you soon