Lay Day

Monday, January 16, 2012
Sunday was overcast day we just didn't feel like leaving the house so we spent time together doing little projects. So yesterday I started prepping for dinner at 10am! soaking my beans and roasting tomatoes in the oven. I made this 17 bean stew which came out really good and as much as Marley does not want to eat anything good for her she had some to. I am lucky the boys are not as picky anymore I remember at one point Tyler didn't like spaghetti and meat sauce but now he loves it and almost always asks for seconds.
I let Marley explore the 17 different type of beans we were going to have for Dinner

Get that feeling like your being watched?

John and I are on a baking streak we made 2 loafs of banana bread one with walnuts one without they came out sooo good. 

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