Sunday, January 29, 2012
Been trying to keep my priorities straight and surfing comes before writing especially since after my last appointment I asked how long will I be out of the water and he said at least 2 months :( boo
For now here are some 50mm memories from Miami and Key West
 my buddy
 in color
 south beach
 free hiv testing
 my guide
 a duck
 wiener dog festival
 $55 rip off
 Your right life is better
 someone made a portrait of me
 key west gems 
 shack bar
 butterfly on her shoulder
  I have decided I dont like mimosas anymore I like bloody marys mo betta
 hmm like


 porch bar

 a large cock

1 comment

Whateva'z said...

GREAT shots as always V... $55.00 rip off looked tasty tho :) A large cock... LOL!