A note

Monday, January 9, 2012
Early this year our preschool teacher asked us to write a letter to our kids just in case there was an emergency or natural disaster etc.. I have not been able to fill this tall order because its kind of scary to think about if somehow I was not able to get to Marley right away. But I think it is a great idea so I finally wrote her a letter today.
here it goes...

My Sweetest Marley,
Do you remember when we would go to kids club and I would drop you off there and then mommy would go to the big kids part of the gym and I would say I love you have fun and I will be back in no time. Well today is like that day sometimes mommy and daddy can’t pick you up right away because we are trying to get the boys and Otto ready to and since Miss Lori is the coolest teacher and all your friends are there I want you to stay there till I can come get you. I love the so much angel and Mommy and daddy will be there soon.
Love you Mommy!
Marley and Mommy at Mavericks 


Whateva'z said...

Me and my wife have to write one every year for my 2 younger ones... hopefully our kids will never have to read those letters. But I know how you feel writing it... kind of sucks.

vania francesca said...

It did suck! its just a bummer when you have to picture a moment in life that you cannot be there for your kids right away not a great feeling. But it did make me feel better after I wrote it. :)