Oh Yes I did

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
That's right last night I met with my super talented long time tattooer Johnny at his shop Hermosa Tattoo Company in Hermosa Beach. I didn't realize till last night that he first tattooed me when I was only 20 over 9 years ago yikes that's when I first started my arm. I try to make it at least once a year to see him for progress sessions unlike most people I know I enjoy getting tattooed its part of why I get tattooed. Its my time out from being a mom and talking with teenagers and toddlers and go talk tattoos and brain tumors. I have been claiming I wanted my shin tattoo for quite awhile. So I asked if we could put my arm on the back burner so I can get this new piece. My mother has a red matryoshka doll we use to play with but a few years my dear friend Karen gifted me my own it sits on my mantle Marley plays with it a lot and has renamed her "The Mommies". So you might wonder whats inside my matryoshka well there are many layer to anyone so I am no different there is a lot in there which also includes my dear husband and children. I thought this was an ideal time for me to get my tattoo now that my surgery is slowly inching closer and closer. It symbolizes the strength I need to have to help hold everything together regardless of medical issues I still have to be a mother and take care of the most important thing in my life my family.


Miss K.P.-Ness said...

Oh Vania, I am so happy you got that tattoo and I am so happy that there is just a little bit of me on you now. Kind of like there is a little bit of you on me (because of the My little pony Unicorn). I love you girl- you are strong and smart and powerful and inspirational! Can't wait to see your tattoo in person tomorrow and show you mine.
Much Love and respect.

vania francesca said...

Thanks Kp for your kind words it means alot to me
take care and I hope to see you tonight!