7th day stretch

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Today marks the 7th day since my brain surgery I woke up with a new type of pain in my nose not so much the pressure pain I have been feeling this on feels like someone punched me in the nose.ouch! So I took my pain killers this morning I have been trying not to take them because I really dont like not being able to go to the bathroom and feeling woozy and dizzy all day.
Yesterday I came to the sudden realization that the inside of my lip on the inside of my mouth, my gums behind my two front teeth and 50% of my nose is numb and has been since surgery..not sure what to think about that? I look through my side effect and it didn't say that I would loose feeling in my face but to me it seem like a most definite possibility. I am just going to hope it temporary today I have a primary doctors appointment for a sodium test etc. My big post surgery appointment are on the 16th hopefully the numbness in my face is gone by then. I really dont want them to tell me its forever.
On a good note I can breath out of my left nostril and have my sense of smell and taste back. What a difference it makes food taste good again and I dont have to keep my mouth open all night.

Here are a few shots from last week I never posted

My sistah

belated birthday action

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