Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talking about our detached garage it was made into a room before we moved into this place. We turned it into an "office" but it’s more like a man cave, plumbing supply house and surfboard hoard. I still have managed to muscle my way in there and make a quarter of it my own. I just recently went to a few thrift stores and found some great vintage sheets and pillowcases for projects. In turn it has inspired me to make my space a little more organized. When sewing I usually get to only have a limited time so I tend to not put everything away so it was getting chaotic back there to say the least. I manage to find 2 seam rippers and like 6 pairs of scissors though and got back acquainted with some fabric I have had for some time now and forget I had. I am hoping this weekend I can start and finish a few projects. 

Health wise has been a struggling week I have my good moments. I got out of the house went thrifting, attempted to get my car smoged like 3 times and went to the grocery store. The problem is when I shift my weight around if I sit or lay down i am OK but as soon as I get back up I feel my brain instantly swell and build pressure. It is not a great feeling and the last two day it seems I maybe might be getting sick? I am not sure I feel like I have sinus infection or it could just be the ridiculous recovery process I am not sure. I have added Sudafed to my daily regimen of pills to help it does not do much. I have not been able to sleep well and every several hours I wake up from severe head pain. I hope everything is OK and I am only paranoid that maybe something might be wrong. The smell in my nose is still there and that is concerning so I better cal the doctor on Monday to be sure. Today it is day 25 since brain surgery so I guess it still has not been very long considering it was brain surgery and not some other body part. I don’t really like to be much of a complainer especially about my health there are people in far worse condition than I am. Some I see when I go to my neurosurgery appointments people who have tunnel vision or blindness from their tumors.

It is easier to write down how I feel here then complain to family and friends all the time and because what they want to hear is that I am doing well. I won’t deny that I do feel good at some points I would just like there to be a more good than bad ratio.

sheets and pillow cases
 a peaceful place for me
 some of our boards
 beauty is in the eye of the beholder
 they might have battle wounds but everyone of these slide differently and that is one of the main reasons why I love to surf its different and new everytime.
Have a great weekend!


Miss K.P.-Ness said...

Please Please make me just the smallest pillow for a tech deck or something out of that material with the ferns and butterflys- it brings back so many memories. My Mom even made me a "K" shaped pillow that I had till I was 20ish. So cool!

vania francesca said...

KP I so will make you something