The simple things

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Yesterday I felt well enough to walk to the local park with Marley. 
We fed birds bread crumbs and hid so we can watch them fly down and nibble. We followed animal tracks in the sand and I took pictures of Marley making funny faces when she went down the slide. We saw the mailman and gave him a Valentines Day pretzels it was a great day. 

for a funny story scroll to the bottom
snacks for the park


John and I never really celebrate Valentines day. I remember telling him when we first got together that I would rather get a gift when its not expected not forced because of a holiday it seams just a bit more sentimental that way. 
BUT..I got him a new coffee thermos because he needed one so he felt obligated to get me something what we try to avoid haha go figure! So he went to the super market and the card aisles was absolutely swarmed with last minute dudes doing the same thing trying to find some nice card for there significant others. So instead of getting in the mix he saw some prepackaged thing with candy in it so he grabbed it and checked out well he didnt realize it was a freakin Easter Basket!! tell he got in the car instead of coming home empty handed he brought it home told me the story and we laughed together uncontrollably. I gave myself a huge headach from laughing but it was worth it. :) 

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