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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
 I got this deal where for $5 I get a whole year subscription to US magazine...I know I know completely dirty magazine but I really just like to see the clothes REALLY!
they have this list 25 things you dont know about me  I thought it would be kinda of cool to write a few things about me for fun so here it goes:

  • I dont think I would be surviving motherhood without my sister in law Mary she is my personal savior
  • My childhood dream was to compete in the Olympics for gymnastics and join a circus
  • I started thrift shopping with my mother out of necessity growing up 
  • The most watched and beloved movie growing up was The Sound Of Music 
  • The mole on my left cheek showed up on my face in fourth grade everybody thought I drew it on
  • I have many ideas but have a hard time applying them
  • I was a body boarder before I surfed and was much better at getting barreled back then
  • My mother is from Chile and both of my brothers were born there
  • My Father is from Italy but was born in Tripoli 
  • Vania is a Russian boys name 
  •  I am first generation American
  • I hated my last name(Stuppa) growing up for obvious reasons and now that I am married I am sad to phase it out it has made me who am today
  • I have been to 7 different schools in my life
  • Marley has severe food allergies and I must have a Epi-Pen with me at all times
  • Living in Smith River has made me more of a introverted person 
  • Micah and Tyler was one of  the main reasons why I fell in love with John
  • I have trouble focusing on one thing at a time
  • I would rather be in the ocean than anywhere else
  • I add things to online shopping carts with no intention to buy
  • Lasagna is the best food ever created
  • I am very sentimental  
  • I good with faces and terrible with remembering names
  • I struggled with dyslexia throughout school
  • I love living in LA but not a fan of huge crowds
  • I love getting tattooed

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