Yesterdays Appointment

Friday, February 17, 2012
happy with the 3 appointments I had yesterday at UCLA things are looking pretty good 2 weeks after  my brain surgery everything is healing up really well. I will not be seeing my brain surgeon anymore unless it comes back so it was goodbye and hope we never see each other again in the nicest way possible meeting yesterday. I will be contacting his office though for a short film of my brain surgery. I was thinking of posting it up on here what do you think should i do it? It might be gross though.
So some lab results came back about my tumor. I now know it actually was a pituitary adenoma a prolactin secreting tumor so that explains the high levels of prolactin. I think the last I checked my levels were 73.6 well the day after surgery my prolactin levels were 1.3. Bam amazing right what a relief. Slowly my level should go up a bit and normalize so in about 3 months I will be retested and as long is its under 20.0 then I am good.
Now it is time for my body to normalize and get back to what it was before the tumor which is unknown to me. I have no idea how long I had this tumor but I am looking forward to life without it. Now the calm all the stress and worry I had about surgery and tumors are gone and this chapter of my life is over. It is hard to process that kind of THATS IT feeling you get after you go through something like this or when you worked hard on something and then its just over. For a bad example its like my wedding all the planing for just a couple hours and then that was it. I remember standing in my wedding dress at the end of the night telling John I didn't want to take it off because that would be the end. Dont get me wrong I am not sad about not having my tumor invading anymore its just that's what I focused this blog on these past few years. Which has been so helpful to get out all my thoughts, fears and emotions for myself as well as to keep my friends and family updated on the situation.
 For me it is easier for me to process difficult situations when I write them down but also crazy to write them down online for everyone to read but I felt the need to write and maybe reach out to others who might be going through the same thing. So maybe you have just been told you have a pituitary tumor and now you just trying to find out more about it. I hope that you might find some useful information between my ramblings and bad punctuation.  Feel free to contact me with any question you might have about my experiences.
As for this blog well I am not sure just yet but I am guessing probably tons of photos of my life after a brain tumor..


saratan182 said...

Vania you are incredibly strong to go through all of this, writing it out and coming out on the top of things. I am so happy that things are on the up and up for you. I love you like you are my sister! -hugs-

vania francesca said...

Thank you so much Sarah I definitely think we all have our trials I must say friends and family like you help me push forward in tough times. xoxo