Thursday, March 1, 2012
My mother and grandmother came over yesterday for a few hours to see Marley. It amazes me how well I understand my grandmothers Spanish. I am the only one from my mom and biological dads children that does not speak Spanish :(. I should have put that fact in my about me list from yesterdays post.  its not entirely my fault my mother remarried (an american) when I was nearly two so I just lost it because we just spoke English at home. But still at every family get together and every phone conversation my mother had it was in Spanish. I do slightly choose not to speak most of the time because to me my Spanish sounds so terrible I get embarrassed. But yesterday it was just my mother and grandmother so there was a lot of broken Spanish coming from my part.
My grandmother has slowly been going through her packed things that was shipped over here from Chile when the family sold her house in algarrobo a house she lived in for nearly 60 years.she gave me a gift yesterday a really cool bread holder what she calls a Panera. It is so cute and fairly simple, its three layers of material stitch in a certain pattern so when it is clipped it makes several little pouches. I am going to attempt to make one with the bottom layer in a thicker material for more structure. It is just one of those interesting things people use to make that I find so dainty and nostalgic to an era when tea parties and lunches were things you would do with friends, neighbors and family. I barely talk to any of my neighbors on my block its kind of sad. Everybody here is in the race as well as us. Everything is so fast food, to go coffee and not so much of our daily routines are not mindfully enjoyed.
Thankfully us as a family we have surfing it is hard to not be mindful of everything when your surfing. the water temperature, currents, wind, smells, colors, textures I can go on forever. I think it helps us be more grounded and appreciate the little things. maybe not all the time of course but we try.I have not showed the boys the panera yet but who does not like bread..right?

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