Kirstie Kelly

Friday, March 9, 2012

So you may have read on my last post I was working on a small project. I was invited to come take some photos of Kirstie Kelly Showroom that is located in El Segundo right down the street. I have always been fascinated by fashion but more of the behind the scenes stuff like, the construction and design process of it. I felt so lucky to had the opportunity to take some photos for them and was a bit nervous. If you did not know I wore one of Kirstie's gowns for my wedding this past August. So I personally can say that her dresses are amazing I have never felt more beautiful. The dress was more than I could ask for I was complimented all night long I did not want to take it off.

so yes I am totally going to take this opportunity to yet again share a picture from my wedding...
                          My Mother wore a beautiful gown from Kirstie Kelly as well she looked amazing.  Yes I have to beers in my it was last call..I promise

Here are the photos of her showroom I took earlier this week.

This is the Dahlia gown a lot of drama it is so gorgeous

 This is my favorite 

How cute is this

Honestly the prettiest bridesmaids dresses

Thanks for looking

Make sure to ask permission before pinning or using any photos ..thanks :)

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