Sunny Day LA

Saturday, March 10, 2012
I sometimes forget that the Southern California weather is the best if you like mild and almost sunny all year long kind of weather. Yes its crowded but this is my choice to be here in the crazy I was born not to far away in Hawthorne unfortunately the memorial hospital is no longer there and I am the few that are here to memorialize it. I have moved most of my life but the South Bay has always been home base for me.  
When you go down to the beach on a sunny day on a weekend its crowded with all walks of life all there for the same reason. A little bike ride, laying out with friends on the warm sand, and family time with a bucket, shovel and some spf. We are no different today we decided to round up the kids and go on a nice bike ride have a nice destination lunch and enjoy the moment 
here are some of the moments...

tons of bikes

really low flying helicopter 

walk your bikes or skip

more skipping


big brother help

biking photography 

Look like a fun place for photos


hhmm not sure about this

aha I know what to do

just one for me

I always end up caring the must bring toy

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