Easter Weekend

Saturday, April 7, 2012
 It has been a good week I got back in the water my blogger friend took some shots of me on my first waves since brain surgery... Thanks!! Not only am I sore from paddling but I am also working on my awesome neck tan from my wetsuit again.
My ankle is feeling better I rolled it running down to the beach on April 1st and had to have John come pick me up Ya no joke just me feeling foolish. But the most important thing here is I ran from my house down to the beach without stopping hills and all big accomplishment.
In town today they do a Easter egg hunt for the kids so the family gets together and lets the kids have some fun..It was such a beautiful day for it..
 Can you spot the Mars 
 Last year she got one egg this year she got more
Otto sun worshiper

Marley has next week off of school as well as the boys for spring break they are off to see there grandmother for a awesome DC trip. So it will just be John, Mars, Otto and myself at home they will be missed but I am happy some of there teenage angst will be missing for a few days : ) Tomorrow is Easter Sunday we as a family are not huge on normal traditions. We do our own thing so tomorrow will be a egg hunt in the backyard then a beach day with sand castles being built, sand crab collecting and surfing. And we will finish off with a nice a dinner as a small farewell for the boys.

My brother sent this awesome Captain Vania Zask hat for me love it..

I hope everyone has a great Easter take care...V

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