Shoot dat

Saturday, April 21, 2012
This morning I woke up and thought about taking pictures. Lately have been just shooting just to shoot not for jobs just for the fun of it just for the love of it. I have also been browsing new blogs and enjoying other good reads and photos from super talented people around the world. It is pretty amazing how dedicated they are and that is very inspiring . My blogs fate is still unknown and that is the reason for the title I am not good with sappy good titles oh I wish I was but when I really started writing it was mostly about my brain tumor and that didn't sound like a great title. I try to leave it blank but it it would not let me and warned me that the title line could not be intentionally left blank so the little smart ass in me named it Left Blank and it has stuck ever since. 
So where this is going to go I am not sure but that is kind of perfect because that is where I am in life anyways. Marley will be in Kindergarten at the end of August and then that's it she will be in school for the next 13+ years. That time when she was a baby and toddler learning to walk and talk is over and we are on to the next exciting time learning to read and write. So Marley will be in school and I am going to...
(left blank)
I am undecided I have many ideas in my head swirling around but I have not pinpointed the ONE if there is even one. I want to get a job and help out income wise to save to buy a home and the time is now to do it with our house up for sale and us having to probably move in our future. But me in a 9-5? I have to be honest I have never actually worked a 9-5 Job it was more like 5pm-12am or 7am-2pm and then after that shift it was 6pm-2:30am but never the normal 9-5. I will be honest its foreign and scary to me.
What are my other options? Well my freelance photography which is fun but inconsistent or my kids clothing line which is a great idea but inconsistent as well.
So for now I will let all these swirl around this summer try some new angles in the business side of my creative projects and hopefully have my answer. 
Happy weekend everyone.
woo dat

Strum dat

The Ottolisa anywhere in the room he has got his eye on you

Flock dat

Bloom dat

contrary to popular belief this is a spotted dog and not a cow

scope dat

Brew dat


Andrea D said...

I really like the ambiguous name of your blog! It's witty and it doesn't make you feel stuck to one topic with your blogging. I say keep it!
As for your photos, they're beautiful! (And I LOVE pugs, and that black pug is ADORABLE!)
I'm an aspiring author who stays at home and writes all day instead of going to a 9-5 job, so I know how it feels trying to decide how to pursue a creative career. All sorts of luck to you! :)

vania francesca said...

Andrea Thanks! I think it is a good title for that reason. I completely understand the struggle for a creative career I guess we both need to really take the plunge and give it the best we got before resorting to uncreative 9-5!
p.s Pugs are awesome