Thursday, April 19, 2012
 I feel sore and a bit worn so far this week I have slogged (that's my new slang for slow jog)10 miles and feel pretty good with that number. This morning I will rest  go to the beach with Marley and my sister for awhile and go to the gym tonight. Since I am healed from surgery I have been extremely motivated to get healthy and be fit. Plus I surf and summer is coming and I am sorry but its dreadful as much as I hate my wet suit especially when I have to put it on wet. I will be trying to defy gravity and figure out new solutions and techniques on how to surf in a bathing suit. Every year its the same thing for me and the problem is mostly me I not your average girl in the water I am slightly bigger in certain areas so bikini checks after each wave is a must! So now that I am "clean bill of health" its time for some major A$$ kickin. For the past month I have been running or slogging  from my house to the beach and back its about 2.5 miles. I started jogging 1-2 blocks then walking a block. Now I can run the whole way there and after grand hill I can run the whole way back. My problem is still Grand Hill its steep long and a killer. I am determined to run up it nonstop the problem is I dont think I will be able to make it home on a steady pace and might need to sit down hurled over gasping for air. So my next goal is to run my whole route including Grand Hill. So far I have lost about 6 pounds mostly pounds from winter gain and post surgery sitting in bed. My legs feel strong and wake up feeling overall better everyday.I added Vega one to my diet a really yummy plant based nutritional shake I have once a day The Berry flavor with unsweetened almond milk is the best.
  One mishap is my waist has not shrunk at all! its driving me crazy I am making sure I do sit ups, strength training blah blah blah..but no shrinkage yet. I know what the problem is mostly and that is I dislike counting calories I feel its makes me crazy but I know I need to. I do read labels, eat serving sizes and balance my meals but I am not physically writing down cals. So that unfortunately is probably something I need to start at least till I get a good flow of what I normally eat on a weekly basis and stick with menu style eating. So I have hit my 1 month mark realized my strengths and weaknesses and am making sure I am refocusing on the problem areas. I do feel that this is a pretty big step for me to really change my ways and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I need that confidence back I had before I had a baby. I am tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and feel that its time to work really hard to make a change in my life.

Do you have any waist shrinking tips? Please tell me your ways.

In this life I want to see as many as these as possible I am determined to be healthy  and enjoy as many sunsets as possible.

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