Saturday, April 28, 2012
Is coming and what is the essence of a childhood summer well to me its Tie Dye. Yes I am absolutely nuts to bring out the stain everything dyes and give my 4 year old free for all. We started off with gloves and then they kind of went missing? I did most of the handling and Marley used the squirt bottles of the concentrated dyes in all sorts of hues. We had fun and waking up this morning and rinsing them out was even more fun not only did I slightly redye my already scrubbed to death skin but also got to see Marley's excitement every time we rinsed and looked at a newly dyed product. So yes it was well worth it and plan to do it again I am a little rusty and would like to give one more try on a new batch of random articles. I am tempting to do a pair of Johns sock or boxers just for m own person laugh. Ssshh.

here are some process shots.

           I use jacquard tie dye and purchased it at Michaels

So I hope that maybe my 2 readers read this to laugh at my mistakes because I know I do and I like to be shameless when they happened so here is my awesome hand post tie dye:
This is not from accidentally grabbing one of Johns Grateful Dead albums and yes at one point in my life I might have thought I saw this when I lived in Northern California. But this is what I do I wear gloves for like a minute and then take them off because I cant handle wearing them. I was suppose to go out with my sisters last night I literally spent 1 hour pouring things on my hands that you probably should not pour on your hands. What finally worked was some good old fashion scrubbing. So is this going to happen again?...probably
Have a great weekend

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