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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
So I am just going to warn you this post is a ramble and good luck trying to follow:

This past weekend was the 3 day kine. John and I talk to the kids a little bit about what Memorial Day means to them. There answers were pretty good and we just try to have a moment of silence for our fallen hero's as well as our family members who have passed even Blanca our cat.
 All last week I tried to surf as much as possible when the waves picked up Friday and Saturday I was happy to give the longboard a rest and bring out my short board. John and myself try to make it down there by 5am to get it before anyone I swear I surf ten times better when I am not battling and surrounded by whole bunch of frothing wave hungry guys. So by the time the lineup was crowded I grabbed my fins and my GoPro and attempted to battle the current to get some shots. It didn't exactly go as well as I thought. I completely have huge respect for water photographer’s with heavy equipment, strong currents and being in the right spot at the right time its not easy. I will admit that the conditions were not good for water photography and I know I could do it on a cleaner day so I hope I will be able to post some footage that is not to embarrassing. One Day 
So by the end of Saturday I was sore tired and unable to lift my left arm. I somehow pulled my shoulder muscle and am not able to use my left arm at this point :( So I was forced to sit on the sidelines on Sunday and Monday. I seriously don’t know why the heck I keep hurting myself. Am I really getting that old I feel I am more fit and endurance is much better since I have been running. Update on running I have lengthen my run so I now run from my house to Hammerland, The Jetty and back its about 3.5 miles my best time is about 32 minutes. So I gave my sister Carina a call she majored in kinesiology and practiced sports medicine in college on the rugby team. She gave me her opinion and a good regimen to take care of it. She also gave me good advice on how to find a better balance. Which I think is the major problem I need to find a good balance of running, surfing and strength training. It is now Tuesday I have more function in my arm it is definitely starting to feel much better. So now the trick is to NOT surf until it completely heals.
I have recently asked how my brain is to answer that everything seems very normal I have not even had a major headache since my surgery. Everything has been on point I feel my body has made a bit of a bounce back more energy happier and more balanced. So surgery so far has been a completely positive life changing decision. I have blood tests coming up in June so I will know more about levels soon: ) 
Hope everyone one has a great short week..We go camping next weekend so excited can’t wait to show the boys a camping spot that my family has been going to since the 70's.

Picture Time here are randoms from the week

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