Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I think its so funny that certain holidays are made for people to get drunk such as Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's Day. In the south bay the bars are crowded and the DUI check points are out. We decided to go on a nice hike to my favorite place..The Cove.
 As John and I were sitting on the rocks I mentioned that I wanted Marley to learn how to surf here. The Cove was where I learned how to surf. John said the boys learn to surf there also ..he paused a minute and then said now that I think about it my uncles use to take me down here and this is where I learned how to surf to. I though it was somewhat fascinating and our kids are 3rd generation of surfers. And I must keep the tradition alive Marley when she is ready will learn at The Cove. John mentioned that we have to take Enzo our godson down here as well. It was a sweet moment.
Tyler got to go on a camping trip with his friend this past weekend so it was just Micah, Marley, Otto, John and myself. It always feels weird when we are missing a person and we missed him. I want to say that Otto had the most fun of the day. He is such an adventure dog jumping from rock to rock with ease, chasing and eating crabs he had a blast. Marley brought down a barbie changed her into a swimsuit and she was in her own little world. Tide pools are by far the best place to play barbies. It was a nice hike and John even surprised me and we held hands walking back up the trail. I could not remember the last time we held hands it was so sweet and it was just what I needed.

John is so funny in his hiking boot and board shorts haha what a dork

I like ottos pose


 I am a funny looking person

John got his hiking shoes and told Mars it was ok to where slipper..?

Wheres Otto?



Ottos lunch

he is so funny



checkin the surf


Adventure Barbie

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Mar Hirtzel said...

My most favorite place ever.

vania francesca said...

I concur there is no place like it

Rachel B said...

hey you didnt take me there to learn how to surf!
hold hands more :)

vania francesca said...

RachelB I promise to take you there

Juliette said...

Seems like so much fun!!
Love the pictures