Double exposure

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
I like to think I use everything on my camera but I honestly dont. I try to make sure I still experiment with new techniques and different settings. I enjoy that part of photography because I can literally take the same picture in the same spot but can change the way it comes out in hundreds of different ways using my camera alone. I always see this double exposure setting but every time I actually double exposed something was in Photoshop using layers and erasing what ever pieces I didn't want to see. This setting basically just overlaps 2-3 pictures on top of each other. So I tried it with the girls. First just messing around with VV which is actually my favorite one because its more raw. My last post I explain how it can be a challenge to get her in front of the camera.

Then I decided to try the off white wall and position the girls on opposite sides in 2 different frames. Of course the last shot is more darker but I really like the texture of the wall on top. Marley's alter looks a bit scared but really like it.

 With Lu it was my third try so I did the same thing with the opposites but had her smile an I really think it came out super cute.

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