Thursday, May 17, 2012
Ok so there are times when I get an idea in my head and find 100 reasons why it is necessary to get or do whatever it is. My poor Land Rover Discovery has been slowly dying on me for years and we are officially getting rid of it this week. I am totally sad because I have always wanted to own a Land Rover and pictured myself driving it forever unfortunately forever was about 4 years and thousands of dollars try to keep it running. I have been driving our Volvo station wagon everywhere it works well and I can manage to squeeze my 9'6 long board inside when I dont feel like putting the racks on. The truth is that the Volvo has always been Johns car and I am just borrowing it. It has grown on me and I dont mind driving it because really the point is to get to where you are going and for me thats Marley's school, the beach, grocery store and occasionally to my family members house.
Since we are in the process of maybe having to move from our house I dont really want to purchase a car and forget about making a monthly payment on one. But as of right now I like to dream and my dream right now is a pop top ..haha yah no corvette I want a Bus with the option of camping. It is perfect for my family I recently booked two days of tent camping and wish I could drive up with a fully set up bus. Johns told me why not a small camper?...well The bus I can still drive to the market, beach, Marley's, school and  squeeze in the 9'6 long board but we could also do mini weekend camping trips.  Leo Carrillo, San O, Santa Cruz the possibilities are endless.
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