Monday Morning

Monday, May 7, 2012
Sipping a nice cup of coffee this morning trying to take a few solitary moments before I start the day. John is gone :( he went to Cabo with a few friends to hopefully catch the swell I hope that he gets good waves. He needed a mini vacation and I am glad it worked out for him to go. On the flip side here I am solo style 3 kids and a dog so far its been ok besides the fact that Tyler woke up an hour late. But that is the norm and his dad is not here to force him to get up. It is probably one of the least favorite things I have to do but I am getting smarter and finding new techniques.
The kids have school so they are just about off and I need to perform a miracle of finding lunch foods for Marley today. We are running out fast which is crazy I am telling you teenage boys will make you go broke buying food. It is almost impossible to keep them full for very long. I always thought it was slightly crazy that people do there grocery shopping at Costco and now I know why they do they must have teenage boys. These kids go through a gallon of milk a day unless I try to conserve I implemented the glass of water before any juice rule this year. It has been slightly effective but they only do it when I am around.
We do a good job though I was raised poor and John as well so we make a great team together in utilizing what we have and getting through the rough patches in the month. We are terrible savers though we are trying to get better but we are still living paycheck to paycheck and as soon as we have a little extra we do something with the kids, go out to eat, get a really big birthday present for someone. We are good about living in the moment and I try to appreciate all the small things we get to do. Like these small trips they help us reboot and feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever. I am thankful that John and I can split trips we trust each other and thats Priceless to me.
My BFF is moving to New York at the end of the month I am so excited for her we have been friends since I moved up to Smith River when I was in 7Th grade and since then I have heard her talk about New York. I think she is really going to have a perfect fit there and yes I am so going to visit her as soon as I can. I am hoping maybe in July when the boys go visit there mom. Marley will be in summer school 5 half days a week it might just work. Fingers crossed

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