New Old Things

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Yesterday I went to the pile to hunt new old clothes I invited my niece Kelly to come with Mars and myself we had a blast it was so fun. Of course Marley was crawling all over the place and trying to dig to the bottom. I did not bring my camera this time I wanted to be camera free. Its so funny that I say that because every time I choose not to bring it. I cant stop thinking about how I should have brought it.

 I pulled out 4 dresses, 1 button up, and 1 pair of Levis I payed $25.00
The Levis are floods on me yes my little italian legs are too long for these believe it or not! But I have sacrificial plans for them. I do this EVERY summer I will put a pair of pants on and it start to get hot so I take em off and cut them into short. I do this to an average of 2-4 pairs each year! I dont like to be hot so this year I plan to try to thrift a few pair rip for cutting not that I own really expensive pants but I know I might regret cutting one or two of them.

Here are some photos from Kelly's camera she took the cute ones of Mars. She is a writer and she has a very creative blog you can check out here.
     Here is Kelly at the top of the pile treasure hunting

Marley likes to find anything that sparkles or flowery in the pile. And I seem to make incredible cartoon like faces at the camera I am telling you I belong behind the camera not in front of it.


Noting the Morning Dew said...

This was so much fun! Thank you once again :)

Andrea D said...

That looks like a thrifting gold mine!

P.S. I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog because your email address isn't linked directly, but YES, my husband and I drove through El Segundo on our way to Dockweiler beach! And, actually, he works in El Segundo! Small world, huh?!

vania francesca said...

Andrea very small world.. I have been living here for quite some time and its a great place