Traditions being made

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
This past weekend we had a little sleep over at Marley's cousins house. The kids played argued laughed and made messes while my sis-in law and myself manage to find a few moments of peace here and there. Sometimes all you need is someone that is in the exact position you are in it feels good to relate I enjoy our little mini play dates.It feels good when I leave not only did Marley get some good quality time with her cousins I also got to take some really awesome shots of them . I love to photograph Marley's cousins. Especially VV because she does not want her picture taken. Finding new ways to convince her is funny she is a smart one. I am always asking her if she is coming home with me she gives me the funniest looks and says NO! It cracks me up.

The faces of Valentina!

Last year I took a picture of the three girl cousins together you can find that picture here. It is the same pose against the wall I figured I should do another since they are all together so I somehow got them all together. I want to do one of these every years I think it would make a great photo album project.

I did it the opposite way than the last time but It might look good when its put into a book.
Here are some more photos from our day..

Please make sure you ask permission before taking any of my photos 


Andrea D said...

You take such beautiful photos! And that first face....hahaha adorably grumpy.

vania francesca said...

Thanks Andrea it does help when I have adorable subjects!