Camping Trip

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Took a break from the ocean to let my arm heal. We took a nice camping trip to an old camp spot that my parents started going to every summer in the 70's. It is exactly the same as I remember it when I use to go as a kid. I love that when you visit a place you have so many great memories attached and it has not changed at all.
I am talking about Hume Lake Campground. It is amazing and I have mentioned to John how desperately I been wanting to take the kids. I can remember almost every single camping trip we have ever taken except when I was really small of course. I feel like it is so much apart of who I am and I want to instill those same memories in the kids. I really dont think its to early for kids to start learning how to appreciate nature. We live dead in the middle of southern California I mean I am like 3 blocks from the Airport. My house sometimes shakes when the plane goes by. I am use to it and dont really notice unless I am on the phone and its a sacrifice we do so the kids can live in a safe neighborhood and great schools. We are surrounded by industry LAX, Chevron, Department of Water & Power , sewage treatment plant and Sepulveda. So when we take those drives away from the city where mountains dwarf the skyscrapers in size and the trees are thousands of years old  I can see they are impressed and amazed. I am thankful I get to share the wonderful places in beautiful California and proud to be a Californian.
Here are some photos from our latest adventure:

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