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Thursday, June 14, 2012
 I figured out that I could download Instagram on my droid I have been a very slightly obsessed its so fun for the quick and easy photos and a better more raw view on day to day life. Plus I dont feel so bad leaving my super heavy camera at home. If you like to follow me my I am...   vzips .
 Excited for the rest of the week I am shooting a event tonight, gotta take Mars to a birthday party, on Friday she graduates preschool. I cant believe it kindergarten next year. Then for the weekend we have a quick trip up to Morro Bay  hopefully some surfing on that trip, Fathers Day, and then next week P dubs is going to come visit me and help me with Marley's Cinco De Marley Fiesta! Marley is turning five it going to be a blast. Take everyone and have a great end of the week.

New Diffuser

A gals gotta have options

Beer and carne 

buzzed portrait

Last nights dinner 30lb halibut!
 well I just cooked one large filet and we are making a huge bowl of ceviche with the rest 
 Take care!

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