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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to normal well maybe just for today these past few weeks have been full of activity I have had barely anytime for myself. No blogging no bad punctuation I must say it was kind of nice to take a small break from the usual internet blur.

The boys are in there last week of school and this Saturday is Marley's birthday party I am excited for thank goodness it just family I don’t have to worry too much. PW is coming into town on Thursday super excited for her to be here. I think I might just pick her up and take her directly to downtown with me. She was the one who came up with the Cinco de Marley fiesta. I want her to come get lost with me to find a piƱata and decor.

Morro Bay was really nice but a really short trip did get to surf on Sunday morning but it was pretty small. We went to south jetty which is a swim across the harbor to get to but that’s the fun of it the last time John and I surfed there it was chest high long rights. This time the sand bars looked really good but just not enough swell in the water. I am hoping that today after I drop Marley off I can go check it. 

I need some water time and workout time I have been eating out a lot since we have been doing a bunch of these small trips it’s hard to be good. I have not run in a week and I am already getting scared of how my first run is going to be. I am off and need to get motivated to work out more. Luckily PW has a gym membership so I can go with her maybe even make her take some classes with me. What a terrible hostess I am hey come visit, go to the gym with me so we can both be really sore together!. ha whats wrong with me?  

I have some great pictures I took from a job I had last Thursday but I cannot share them tell they go through them. I will say that I do not like taking pictures of people with fluorescent lights I think it’s was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and mostly because there was two room I had to shoot in. One room was dark with really warm lights and  the other room was teal walls and fluorescent lights. So switching back and forth from each room was terrible I was getting really orange people and really blue greenish tinted people. I had my diffuser on my flash and I swear it was not helping a bit I was changing lenses, settings it was tough. I did the best I could to work with the situation I just hope the like the photos I took.

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